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Duolingo experiences


How are you all doing? I have just started using duolingo to learn German language, and I think its very good. Do you have the same opinion?

December 19, 2017



Yes, I love Duolingo. A year and 3 months ago I started just hoping to learn the basics of Spanish and ended up coming out of Duolingo speaking Spanish, French, a bit of German and a bit of Turkish xD


Hi. I've just been using it since last week and I love it so far, good luck learning :)


I love DuoLingo and I've used it for over two years and gotten a huge amount out of it.

Unfortunately, I've seen DuoLingo break many of the features of the German course lately. It's been so buggy that the past few times I've tried to practice it, I give up. Some of the bugs I encounter have been:

  • It showing me the same sentence over and over again, usually a very simple sentence
  • Telling me to type a sentence but the audio is broken, and then giving me no way to report that it's broken
  • Overall dumbed-down exercises...I have completed the whole tree and kept it fully practiced a few times, and I want to practice more advanced sections but now when I hit practice it always has me practicing really basic sections like "Animals 1". It didn't used to do this. There are also now a ton of multiple-choice exercises, including really simple / stupid ones that have things like spelling errors I have never made and would never make.
  • Slow audio and audio on word hover-over is now broken and I've seen no sign from the team that there is any interest or concern in fixing this.

Basically, I feel like the DuoLingo team has broken the German course for me. I'm bitter towards them, and I have no recourse because DuoLingo isn't a paid product, it's something free...so there's no accountability.

I wish it were a paid product sometimes because I wish I had more leverage over the team to force them to address my concerns...but no, instead the concerns pile up and the team is all busy developing and launching new features...no follow-up. I have submitted dozens of bug reports over the past two years and only one of them has ever been fixed...I've never received a personal response or follow-up to any of my bug reports.

Basically I used to love DuoLingo, and although I still like many aspects of it, I really hate the way the team has been prioritizing things in running the site. To me, DuoLingo seems like a sinking ship these days. I really hope they can turn things around, but it isn't looking good.


Hopefully the skill levels will take care of some of these issues

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