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Eines Mannes.

Hey everyone. In the line: 'Eines Freundes Freund zu sein'. How do I know where to use 'Eines' or anything? A Freund is Masculine so why is it 'Eines' not Einer? I assume this is in the Genitive form so please help me understand this. Is 'Der' and 'Das' Eines? And then what is die?

Danke für deine Hilfe

Liebe Grüße,


December 19, 2017



You are right der/das have the genitive form eines and die goes with einer.


It's not the genitive of the definite article (der/die/das) but of the indefinite aricle (ein/eine/ein): ein Freund (nom.), eines Freundes (gen.), einem Freund (dat.), einen Freund (acc.)

C.f. eine Freundin, einer Freundin, einer Freundin, eine Freundin, but they're all indefinite (a, not the).

With the definite article it would be der Freund, des Freundes, dem Freund, den Freund vs. die Freundin, der Freundin, der Freundin, die Freundin. Notice the pattern in the endings.


What is mm? Something unclear?


Yea that makes sense. I learnt how das and der turned into 'des' but I don't quite understand the pattern about the ending. Unless you're talking about how das and der have 's or es' at the end while die just turns into der?


Ah, sorry I mean the female endings in

  • die der der die

  • eine einer einer eine

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