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December 19, 2017



책장 - bookshelf, bookcase [장 - ledge]

책꽂이 - book stand [꽂이 - stand]

But in common usage, 책꽂이 is often used to mean bookshelf/case also.


꽂이 is 꽂 from 꽂다 to insert in place, and 이 which changes it into a noun.

From the images "reading stand" is generally rather 독서대 (←讀書臺), and "bookend" 북 엔드 (←book end), though not always.


Thanks for pointing out the use of the suffix -이 added to verb stem, to get a "derived" noun. Wonder how different is it to the -음 verbal noun and how/when this form is used?

In this case, my impression is 꽂이 is used to describe some kind of holder (?) to keep things in a vertical position: 꽃꽂이 (flower arrangement); 우산꽂이 (umbrella stand); 칼꽂이 (knife block); 책꽂이 (bookshelf/case) ... There is not one single word to describe 꽂이.

As for 독서-대 = reading-stand/desk (literally).


Seems correct too. Flag it ;)

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