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Ce, ces, cette, de, du

i never know when to use all of these can anybody tell me how to remember to use these

December 19, 2017



Ce livre = this/that book ( " ce " before a masc noun with no vowel sound)

Ces livres = These/Those books ( plural for masc/fem nouns)

Cet hotel = this/that hotel ( has a vowel sound so we need the "T")

Cette chaise = this/that chair ( chaise is Fem , so we need cette)

De = " of " masc

Du = " of the /some " masc ( de + le = du) du riz

de la = " of the / some " fem ( de la viande)

Des = plural some masc/fem des choses




thank you for helping


words for this or that:

ce is singular and masculine: Ce homme cette is singular and feminine: Cette femme ces is plural: ces hommes ou ces femmes

du is when you would either say some or drop the the for a masculine word: du pain the feminine equivalent is de la: de la connaissance plural is des: des fraises ou des poissons

de is of: avoir besoin de l'eau


also idk why the format is ished


thank you for helping

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