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No speaking exercises?

I'm wondering if it's because the course is still in beta, or because something's not working on my end, but I haven't gotten a single speaking exercise so far in this course.

I checked my settings and I have the option for them turned on. And if I am supposed to be getting the speaking exercises I'd like to figure out how to fix this, since that's a pretty important part of learning any new language.

December 20, 2017



I'm assuming you mean japanese because it's in beta, I haven't gotten any speaking exercises so I'm 90% they don't exist yet. To make up for this I've been using different sources to make sure I have the pronunciations of all the kana right (and I sit in the car going ra ri ru re ro) There are lots of helpful youtube videos and websites including already made quizlets


Yeah, course is still in beta. I recommend using an app called Busuu for speaking practice. It allows you to answer questions in the language you want to learn and have Native speakers to critique and correct your sample. I found it pretty helpful.

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