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We should have more bonus skills. Any suggestions?

I think we should have the following:

Jokes Alphabet Hanukkah, etc. (for those that don't celebrate Christmas) Slang/texting shortcuts Popular Foods in that country Abstract topics (such as space and engineering or science terms)

What do you all think?

December 20, 2017



Or just a holiday one that includes all holidays. (like Halloween)

[deactivated user]

    Hmmmmm. An anatomy skill! A math skill! A history skill! All languages should have bonus skills!


    Curse words or "cleaner" figurative expressions :-P


    I want one for theological terms, honestly. That would be fun. As a Christian who is in love with theology that'd be great.


    I think all languages in Duolingo should have bonus skills like how they have them in Spanish and Portuguese(?) due to the fact that the "gameification" aspect of it makes the option of "buying" extra words fun. However, the bonus skills should only include sentences that obviously aren't essential to know, as opposed to the original course material. For example, it would be fun to be able to buy a French lesson that teaches you how to say things like "I would like some eggnog with my crepe". Or... something like that.


    I've heard the idea of a Slang Bonus Skill before and that's a pretty good idea because Duolingo doesn't really have any slang in the course at all.


    Dialect expressions of different regions.


    Yea that would be cool right now there are only bonus skills for Spanish and Portugese i think all major languages should have them


    I would love a colloquial bonus skill for all languages, not just Ukrainian.


    Love these ideas!!!!


    Many of the languages don't have the bonus skills section enabled. It's only for the core languages.

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