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[Challenge]: Learn (3000-)5000 words in 12 days on Lingvist until end of this year (2017)

Hi all,

I would like to bring you a new end of 2017 year challenge:

How many words can you learn in 12 days from 12/20/2017 until 12/31/2017 on www.lingvist.com?

Can you manage to hit the ~(3000-) 5000 words goal or do you reach less?

For the Polyglot / language cracks between you:
Feel free to show us WHAT exactly / this is possible! :-) :-)

......preferably in a NEW (learning) language you started or wanted to start to learn (e.g almost from scratch or low beginner skills), but of course:

Please also feel free to signup if you have just completed your DuoLingo tree, passed it 1/2 to 3/4....or you just started with your tree and language learning and you want to use multiple resources (like I do with DuoLingo, Memrise, 50languages, Mondly, [uTalk]).
Impossible in such a short time, you may tell? Probably, agreed! :-)

When I started with learning Portuguese on Memrise my usual new word count was ~15/day to max 1-2 Duo skills/levels, that is max 7 x 10 = total of ~70 words (e.g verbs, adjectives, adverbs) per level.

Personally I have registered on Lingvist with the PT-EN reverse course (waiting for a new forward Portuguese course) after I finished my DuoLingo Portuguese tree:

  • a) to have some fun
  • b) extend my vocabulary
  • c) and start reading Lingvist e-mail newsletters in the Portuguese language.

Lingvist has recently announced that next year (2018) accounts will be migrated to "Lingvist Free", where the max. words learning count will be a cut to ~3000.

If you want to learn ~4000/5000 words (probably depending on course) you would need to go with "Lingvist Unlimited":

So for the next 11 (12) days it seems this may be your last chance to learn the remaining 2,000 batch words on their platform:

Some background informations:

  • Lingvist works quite different to any other flashcard software, as it presents you with a sentence / context, reads the final audio of the full sentence and only requires you to type the single word, which you have to fill (type) into blanks.

  • you can translate / guess the correct target word with the help of a full sentence (context)

  • Lingvist sentences are different than Memrise or DuoLingo

  • If you click the "up arrow" on the right above flashcard grey panel, the FULL example sentence of the source/base language will be shown!!

  • Lingvist does N O T use multiple-choice exercises, and it won't require you to fully type a sentence (in comparision to Memrise "all typing" activated user script).

  • Typing the word in your L2 target language:
    If you start to learn Spanish or French, you have e.g to type in your target language, not the way how DuoLingo teaches reading in the L2 target Spanish/French language, but letting you to translate into L1 base/source English in forward trees.

  • You can review ALL learned (2017) words in the next year, according to their account feature matrix.

Tell us:

  • 1) For what languages you have registered (German, English, Spanish, French, Russian)

  • 2) What your current knowledge in your target language is and what portals you have used so far (e.g Memrise, DuoLingo tree, Mondly, etc.)

  • 3) What source <-> target language pair (e.g Portuguese (EU/Portugal) -> English)

  • 4) How many words you could learn per day and 12 days

  • 5) Upload before (intro test) and finishing screenshots after the mission is completed, how many words you will have learned

  • 6) Tell us about your own experiences learning on Lingvist and any edges you hit on your daily progress

Who want's to be part of this experiment?

Sorry that I didn't write earlier, but their newsletter and announcement is still quite fresh.

Have fun!

Viele Grüße / Best regards


December 20, 2017



Haha, you're crazily ambitious! :-)

Because you can only add new words in Lingvist when all your earlier words are "in order", I sometimes struggle to add any new words at all (and can add maybe 30 new ones per language on a really good day). That's different from Duolingo and Memrise, where you can learn new stuff even if you haven't practiced the old stuff well enough yet.

This is one reason I think I'll be paying for Lingvist Unlimited, although I've only ever paid for books and courses so far during my language learning journey: I really want to finish the whole Spanish and Russian decks, not just 3,000 words, and it's going to take me some time to do. I have previously finished the French deck (4,300 words or so at the time), which was enormously useful for reading in French.

Good luck, though!


Looks like a good tool. I am working on my German vocabulary, while working on my knowledge of German grammar here on Duolingo.



with some previous upper-beginner / intermediate skills, e.g on DuoLingo, Memrise and grammar books

Lingvist might be an interesting complementing resource for parallel studying, I agree.


It is an interesting challenge. Unfortunately I have no time. :( ...But I wish you good luck!


The website looks great and is great in several aspects but one thing that's an absolutely no-go for me is it's inefficient speed. I do not understand why these kind of sites are always so ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ sloooow. It's like Tinycards where there's 3 seconds in between exercises for no reason but "hey look, an animation to the next exercise".

What specifically bothers me:

Fill in a word and then it still needs to say the entire sentence before it goes to the next, which equals a variable amount of seconds of wasted time. Especially for words that you already know that equals a lot of wasted time. Plus the need to press enter when you've given a correct solution (should auto-accept). I want: fill it in and boom next (instantly), i.e. by either doing speech while already on the next page or already pronouncing the words you don't need to fill-in before you've given the solution.

It bores me to death, while with speed I do not get bored. When I get bored I make more errors, when I make more errors for things I already know I get even more bored plus frustrated.

As a wise man (Jeremy Clarkson) once said: "Speeeeed!".

(no I do not mind to wait and I do have patience, but the part I absolutely detest is "for no (good) reason" such as having unnecessary and avoidable delays)


1) I took the GERMAN course.

2) I'm pre-intermediate

3) German from English. My mother tongue is Spanish, but my English level is high, B2-C1, so it's easy for me to follow the course.

4) How many words you could learn per day and 11 days

I learned 130 words in total the first day (yesterday, December 20th) I'll try to learn a minimum of 300 words a day, and my main goal for the 11 days is to go beyond the 3,000 word threshold. The ideal thing would be to complete the course, but maybe it's too difficult for me... I don't know, in any case I'll take the challenge, and while I have fun studying in Lingvist I'll keep going and going.

5) Upload before (intro test) and finishing screenshots after the mission is completed, how many words you will have learned

Sorry, I'm too lazy for that. Maybe if I manage to finish the German course, I'll upload a screenshot as proof. ;-)

6) Tell us about your own experiences learning on Lingvist and any edges you hit on your daily progress.

1-day: 130 words in total

I like the cloze test system at the moment, and that I can practice my pronunciation after I complete the sentences. By the way, I would like to have listening exercises from time to time, ie, listening a sentence without having to read it beforehand.

There's a detail, if I miss a word, the program shows me the declination of such word. However, knowing to fill a gap, doesn't mean that I know the declination of the word, as sometimes I have doubts. Maybe I can consult the declination of my known words, well, I'll find out this soon.


Thanks for joining my challenge and not leaving me alone Carlos! :-)

I will upload some screenshots the next 1-2 days for the last 4 days.


You are welcome. I've enjoyed reading your latest posts because I've had a similar experience as yours, and I've also found a bit frustrating to get to the new words. I've also had a silly problem with some new words, because sometimes I trigger the Autocomplete function by accident.

By the way, I think the German from English course has around 4,000 words, according to the Lingvist forums. This is a really ambitious goal, but I'll keep trying. Back to the virtual treadmill!!


These are my final results(*), since now I'm buried by a ton of cards to review. I "cheated" on Dec 28th, copying what the Autocomplete function told me, and then I listened the corresponding sentence. The big mistake I made was doing all this just before going to bed, if I had "cheated" the system first thing in the morning, maybe I could have added 1,000 or 1,500 new words, before being stuck with the old cards.

By the way, yesterday I tested the MONDLY languages website. Sadly, my 7 days of free access to Premium contents was over, so I could only tested the free lessons. I really liked the conversation bot, and that the system not only accepted the provided options, you could try with other ones and some were accepted in the fake conversation. In a nutshell, Monlylanguages reminded me Duolingo, but with more bells and whistles. Now I registered with a new email account, with the hope that they will offer me again the temporary free access to Premium contents. If I'm not lucky, I'll be stuck with the daily lesson :-( (Well, there's always the option of paying to be a "gold" member and have free access, but as I'm unemployed, I'd rather make the most of the free options like Duolingo or Youtube)

So now I've decided to do my particular "3-month German challenge", and I will focus mainly on Duolingo, doing three trees: German from Spanish (because it's shorter than the English one), then German from English, and finally at least a reversed tree. I will complement it with other sources, such as Youtube, simplified audiobooks (mainly with text), and other websites. As for Lingvist I'll keep reading the grammar notes, and when I finish at least one Duolingo German tree, I'll retake the word lessons to get to the 3,000 word limit, but this time I'll go very slowly.

Of course my Portuguese needs some maintenance, but I prefer to watch youtube lessons than redoing the old duolingo lessons, as I have acquired good listening skills. My favourite channels are: https://www.youtube.com/user/philipebrazuca/videos (Portuguese for Spanish lessons, but the professor uses an Immersion technique, so he rarely speaks in Spanish which is good). And the already mentioned "Viajante Independente" channel https://www.youtube.com/user/MrFabinhoMonteiro ( I suscribed in first place because he has a lot of Esperanto videos, then I abandoned the channel because I didn't understand Brazilian Portuguese well, and now, thanks to Duolingo I can enjoy the rest of his videos)

Finally, good luck with your current challenge Thomas.Heiss, and with your future endeavours! If you have a new cool language challenge, I won't hesitate to join in! ;-))

Of course, Happy New Year, Thomas, and to the rest of language lovers!!

(*) My final results:

  • Total study time: 6 hr 54 min 38 sec
  • 1144 words in total (0 today)
  • 7 days of challenge (or 10 days including the hiatus)
  • I missed 3 days of the challenge (Dec 21, 22, and 23) because I was too obsessed with the news of the local elections in Catalonia, where the pro-independence leaders won in number of seats (escaños), but not in number of votes.

Total words: 1144Total days: 7


Hey all,

just to let you know:

I stumbled today across an older Lingvist challenge thread (from 2016), with some further feedback and tips: https://lingvist.com/forum/topic/100/the-2016-year-end-challenge?page=1

We will see if they might officially start a new 2017 challenge ;)


I found out according to Lingvist user threads that French provides little bit above ~5000 learned words as the maximum.

Spanish: ~3774 words: https://lingvist.com/forum/topic/561/our-spanish-course-is-about-to-be-updated/2# (small batch lexical unit updates)


Challenge registration

Quote 1) For what languages you have registered (German, English, Spanish, French, Russian)

Spanish (~3774 words in the course as I have found out).

Quote 2) What your current knowledge in your target language is and what portals you have used so far (e.g Memrise, DuoLingo tree, Mondly, etc.)

ZERO knowledge: Lingvist intro test placed me with "knowing 18" Spanish words. Thanks! :-)

The shown Spanish level 9 on DuoLingo is no knowledge at all:

It was purely a fun placement test on the Android app (tapping, (too) many hints) with my current Portuguese skills after 1,2 years of learning this language and I will have to re-take ALL Spanish DuoLingo skills and lessons in my tree.

I tried the test-outs two times with the intro placement test for Spanish on the DuoLingo web portal and I failed miserably, even for the basic questions. So not any skills were unlocked.

Quote 3) What source <-> target language pair (e.g Portuguese (EU/Portugal) -> English)

English-Spanish (no other L1 source/base language - like German - is available on Lingvist).

Quote 4) How many words you could learn per day and 11 (12) days

"Offical" challenge start would have been Thursday 12/21/2017.
Carlos wrote he already finished 140 words on Wednesday, so we will include this day as well.

Day 1 (Wed 12/20/2017): 94 new words / 201 cards (40:16 mins)
Day 2 (Thu 12/21/2017) - (missing in my history, I don't get it :-()
Day 3 (Fri 12/22/2017): 168 new words / 619 cards (1:50 hours)
Day 4 (Sat 12/23/2017): 67 new words / 391 cards (1:01 hour)
Day 5 (Sun 12/24/2017): 41 new words / 334 cards (56:51 mins)
Day 6 (Mo 12/25/2017): 151 new words / 869 cards (2:37 hours)
Day 7 (Tue 12/26/2017): 58 new words / 400 cards (1:13 hours)
Day 8 (Wed 12/27/2017): 49 new words / 470 cards (1:27 hours)
Day 9 (Thu 12/28/2017): 58 new words / 353 cards (1:11 hours)
Day 10 (Fr 12/29/2017): 139 new words / 1033 cards (3:08 hours)
Day 11 (Sa 12/30/2017): 94 new words / 802 cards (2:54 hours)
Day 12 (Su 12/31/2017): 81 new words / 766 cards (3:11 hours)

*Day8: 19 new words / 112 cards have been done 00:00-01:00am GMT+1/CET, but were added on 12/27/17.

*Day 10: 87 new words / 514 cards have been done 00:05-02:00am GMT+1/CET, but were added on 12/29/17

*Day 11: Lingvist "already" reset day statistics on ~00:30am, so some cards/words have been "correctly" added after 00:30am to the new day (12/31/17)

Quote 5) Upload before (intro test) and finishing screenshots after the mission is completed, how many words you will have learned

Lingvist Spanish placement test

This was my test result after learning Portuguese Brazil for 1,2 years on DuoLingo (completed tree), Memrise (courses: PT BR Basic, PT BR 1-7, DuoLingo PT BR vocabulary (clone) course by MartinPen), 50languages, Mondly (just a few skills, have not completed my tree).

First 100 flashcards and NEW words

I did several progress screenshots, including DE-EN and EN-DE placement tests on Lingvist (will follow).
It definitely is possible to test out >3000 words! (German native).

[Challenge-Update]: Days 1-7 progress statistics (screenshots): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25676157

Quote 6) Tell us about your own experiences learning on Lingvist and any edges you hit on your daily progress

Sadly to say, it is starting to getting frustrating for me on Lingvist on days 3 and 4 of my challenge because of all this unknown verb stuff; Spanish is quite different than Portuguese (haha, well, what else should I have expected?) :(

I also constantly answer the "repeating questions" - from the NEW "learned words" of the current / same day session - WRONG, and there is no way for me to SKIP some (harder) words and focus first on learning the NEW (easy) words, which I may better can hammer into my head :(

Looks like I was more hooked into DuoLingo or Memrise for my Portuguese and familiar with that teaching / learning style.
New words vs card repeats is not the "right ratio" (accuracy), which I could definitely need for a challenge like this for a language with upper-beginner/intermediate skills!

One thing is already clear to me after 4/5 days:
I will N O T hit Carlo's goal of 130-300 new words per day easily - not on Lingvist, maybe Memrise - with a completely new language (from scratch) for me like Spanish :(

Any further tips?
IMHO I would have to take it more slowly (~15-30, maybe even not 50 words/day), including checking all the verb and grammar conjugation tables on Lingvist or using 3rd party material in parallel.

And there are those Portuguese Brazil Memrise courses and DuoLingo PT trees which like to be reviewed as well :)

It was real fun learning 50+ new Portuguese words on Memrise, see my comment to anukthehac1.
Lingvist feels (to me) like a never ending "learning and reviewing session" where old words (SR from days before) and my incorrect answers are put onto the "repeat stack" 3+ on the fly (quick changes every few minutes).
I have to type quite FAST, waste no time with reading notes/tables, and move forward with flashcards really quick to get my "repeat practice stack" to zero/two (three), so NEW words will be shown and I can finally learn them.

And it is getting quite difficult for me to get the verbs right on the first guesses and <3 question (incorrect answer) repeats!!!

The more slow I am, the faster the "repeat stack" is refilled :-) :-)


Thank you stupid DuoLingo forum software for overwriting my NEW edit comment - because of missing thread reload - with one older edit.


[Challenge-Update]: Lingvist end of year 2017 update: Days 1-7 progress statistics (screenshots): https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25676157


[Challenge-Update]: Days 8-10: see above table


[Challenge-Update]: Day 11 added - see above table

*Day 11: Lingvist "already" switched to the new day (reset day statistics) on ~00:30am (GMT+1):

Trust me, I was "ready" to fight for adding even more words/cards in a new 1-1,5h interval after my completed Portuguese DuoLingo/Memrise review marathon (23:59pm) and beating my old records ;)


Some further opinions about Lingvist, comparisons and my challenge written down in the Lingvist forum: https://lingvist.com/forum/post/3311

Who has good experience with the new (Android) app voice recording feature?

Could it help me or would the speech recognition with my (bad) Spanish pronunciation just make it even worse losing review card time?


Ave from Lingvist answered me on another update forum thread, that the latest PUBLIC Android app 2.17.8 version should have (for all users) this voice speaking (microphone) feature.

For whatever reason KOPlayer and VirtualBox (V4.3 or 4.4) emulators fail to give me this icon and/or support the microphone.

I was searching around for Linux / Android V4.4 alsa_amixer mic activation settings, but I can not even find this command on my guest system.

Even my host Windows system now fails for my Laptop internal mic or headset mic, even the Windows hardware voice tests for sure worked before, and DigitalPublishing English or French were partly working, even without a headset and 3,5 inch front plugs.



Hi Carlos,
thanks for your Discord invitation.

Positive, I got all your both e-mails by following two threads (one was the older vocabulary statistic thread).

I think I will be kinda busy for the next weeks as I still have 1-2 very important things on my TODO list; maybe this will last even until end of August (or longer)...hard to say.

Once those things are cleared, I will happily sign-up on Discord to do group stuff.

However, I may find some time earlier especially for you mid/end of July or through whole August (not completely plannable) if you want to maybe practice German a bit on www.hellolingo.com (see my Duo profile for my HL id).

Can't wait for to challenge you a bit ;)

Viele Grüße



My mother is German, and I have German natives in the server, so I have people to practice... :-) However, I'll try to remember your invitation to hellolingo, so as to talk a bit when I finish my current tree spree. Now I am doing all the courses based on Spanish, and I think I'll finish them in a couple of months. Anyway, I'll reissue for you invitations at the mid of August, and I hope that your schedule is clearer then. Good luck with your TODO lists!!


Hi Carlos,

thanks for your re-invitation!

It doesn't look good yet on my side.

I probably cannot make any real plans until ~March 2019.

I have not got really any further with the listening part and I still have not started PortuguesePod101 :(

Sorry for not having better news...

Viele Grüße


Thanks for your answer. I've just joined hellolingo.com and sent you a message there, so I hope we can be in touch in that site, and not to wait for a whole 6 months! xD


Hi Carlos,

how are you doing? I hope better than me.

You might be interested to hear that there is another guy learning Spanish with a challenge in 40 days:

"Challenge: Learn Spanish in 40 days from scratch": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/33691457

I am sorry that we have missed us on HelloLingo....life has giving me some real challenges last year and so far this is being continued this year...I do not really have my mind free for public Discord & stuff...

Q: Have you found any interesting replacement from their list?

I lost all my longer HL profile text where I really have spend some time writing it :-(


Hhmm, I'm very lazy to look for other resources with the major languages, because Duolingo keeps being my main resource.

I very much like the combination of the current Duo tree, and the Stories, and I try to begin the Stories as soon as possible. By the way, I use the Wiktionary a lot while practicing with Duolingo, the one in English version and the target language version. Then, I like to chat in the target language in Discord, and listen Youtube Vlogs in the target language. And finally, I hardly voice chat, because I don't have the motivation or it's difficult to find the right partner.

Regarding my languages: I got quite a decent level chatting in Portuguese, but these days I'm only maintaining it listening all the Portuguese stories for the second time. I mostly quit Esperanto, because I don't find VLOGS that speak about subjects of my interest (which is a common problem of ALL minority languages) I quit Italian because I wanted to study it with the Duolingo Stories... and these days this my routine: - Studying Latin for a couple of weeks (I couldn't resist jump the bandwagon) - Studying French as my main language. - Studying German as a side language, but I want to convert it my main language in a couple of months. Anyway from time to time I chat a bit in German at a very basic level, but I read a lot of German (as I got a German friend to chat with in Discord, and I can read also from German channels there.) - Maintaining my Portuguese passively. Not doing active work, because I don't want to have interference with French.

I hope it's all better for you, and that you have fixed your major problems (or you're about to do it). Just give me a shout if you have time for Discord. And at the end of this year I hope to improve my German level, so I think I will be willing that to chat with you in German as well.

Grüße aus Spanien! :-)

P.S. Of course, I'm following the discussion of the Spanish 40-day challenge. Let's see what happens.


I received my new small 60g XK K110 (BNF) heli (main brushless 1s motor) from China and I noticed that the spare ESC for my older one is not doing fine as I seem to have damaged the receiver board too (additional cable soldering job by myself; unfortunately, the RX board got too hot and Mosfet chips gone bad).

BTW: If you are interested in starting with RC helis, you can download the Heli-X simulator software...there are also other RC simulators like RealFlight, Next, AccuRC, Multiplex MultiFlight (free for MPX planes / gliders), Reflex XTR.
I read that for some of them you can download a trial from Steam.
Reflex XTR has a new website and I think you can get an online copy for a quick trial without a Dongle too.

I wish you great sunny days for the next months.

Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

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