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  5. "Food and a child"

"Food and a child"

Translation:음식과 아이

December 20, 2017



How many ways of saying "and" are there??????


This is a comment used from https://www.reddit.com/r/Korean/comments/2k33ed/%EC%99%80_vs_%EA%B3%BC_vs_%ED%95%98%EA%B3%A0/

In Korean you basically have three ways of saying "and". They are used in the same way, though some of them are used more frequently by certain people. Meaning you can pretty much choose which one you like the more.

They mean something else than "and" in a lot of situations, but let's assume that's their only application. The three options are:

하고. 김치하고 밥 (kimchi and rice). Always looks the same.

랑 / 이랑. 김치랑 밥이랑 콜라. Add the 이 if the word finishes with a consonant.

와/ 과. 김치와 밥과 콜라. 와 if it finishes with a vowel. 과 if it finishes with a consonant.


and the 고 part of it is a grammatical form (conjugation) for linking verbs instead of nouns. So let's say you are shopping and eating: 쇼핑하고 먹어요. 먹고 쇼핑해요.

I'd say the 랑/이랑 is the most commonly used, and 와/과 is the least used.


We currently accept 하고, 와/과, (이)랑, 및, and 그리고.


Could you lost them?


와, 과, and 하고. I don't know how to use them tho and sorry for the suuuuuuuper late reply you probably don't need it anymore


why is this so complicated?


because is different.


하고 and 랑 also means "and" and is more common than 과


하고 more often is used for things that occur one after the other.


Also, colloquially, people will say "cooked rice" (밥) instead of food often. If someone asks if you ate, they literally ask if you ate rice. And you answer "yes" even if you ate something else, plus the question is more like asking "How's it going?"


That's pretty interesting, love it! If you have other such cultural notes relating to their language, feel free to share :)


How to pronounce 음 in 음식과 ? Is it like saying "eum" ?


how can i have a typo in my answer


bc it's a trap. they put two similar particles & when you chose the one that's wrong but very still very like the correct one, bam! typo ):


"Hey, what's for dinner"


To be honest I just wanted to learn how to pronounce korean words correctly, not have an entire 2 notebooks dedicated to the fricken korean alphabet and words along with their symbols


Who is learning korean for bts


Is food and drawing the same in english??


난 한국인 외국놈들은 영어로 xp를 올려야지 으이구 그리고 한국인은 한국어로 올려야 xp가 오르지 니들은 그것도 모르네 난 xp 쭉쭉 올라간다 ㅅㄱ


Difference between 와 and 과?

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