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  5. "我的家周围有很多树。"


Translation:There are many trees around my house.

December 20, 2017



There are lots of trees surrounding my home.


The area around my house has a lot of trees


Repeating many times in this lesson


Only a few questions back they marked me wrong for interpreting 家 as "house" in another answer. I should have said "home" according to their answer. Here their answer interprets 家 as "house" not "home".

Just more inconsistency that needs to be pointed out, and another example of being marked wrong for what was a correct answer. Yes I have a reported it, but don't hold your breath waiting for it to be fixed.


This sentence is focusing on the physical aspects of the building hence the word used is "House". When the focus is on the fact that you live inside the "House" then it's translated as "Home"... That's the way I think. I may be wrong so I'd be happy to hear from others.


That sounds most natural to me.


My home has many trees around it


There is a forest in all directions immediately encompassing the man made structure within the walls of which I place myself for an appreciable proportion of my living existence.


Why isnt My neighborhood has lots of trees functionally equivalent


There are many trees surrounding my home.


There are many trees all around my house.


I'm surprised that at this stage they put a 的 when they told us recently it isn't necessary , instead of putting it after 家 where I would naturally, essentially expect it.


There are many trees around my family. I'm kidding... but that is the way I read it at first and got confused.


I know there's a simple explanation but, how come in an earlier exercise the hotel owned/was linked to (的) it's surroundings, but here my house doesn't/isn't ? Seems inconsistent.


There are many trees near my house. Accepted


Why doesn't 周围 need to be preceded by a 的 like 北边 etc. do since it's a place that belongs to another place?


I note that here they omit the de before zhouwei, whereas in an earlier exercise the omission of the de was marked incorrect. Any rhyme or reason to this?

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