"Noi suntem în gară, voi unde sunteți?"

Translation:We are in the train station, where are you?

December 20, 2017

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Can the words suntem and sunteți be indifferently pronounced with both sounds u and â (as if they were sântem and sânteți)? And can the stress indifferently fall over the first vowel as well over the e? It is my impression...


"sântem, sânteți" is old spelling, "â" has been reverted to "u" to maintain closeness with word origin (Latin 'sunt'). Older people still use "sânt". The correct way of stressing is over the "u"


gară -> why "in THE station" if gară does not have any article?


Articles are not used with nouns preceded by a preposition (except for the preposition cu)

"In a station" would be "într-o gară"


Another new recording where one cant hear the middle "in the station". Have to get it wrong to understand sentance yet again.


Aside to those learning English, the "comma spice" in the translation is not correct. This should be "We are in the train station. Where are you?" or "We are in the train station, but where are you?" to be correct on a TOEFL test, etc.

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