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Help with German Sentence

Ich habe Schwierigkeiten mit diesem Satz (said about Adolf Hitler by an early supporter):

"Mit diesem Mann zum Führer muß aus der Bewegung was werden, trotz so manchem, was den gemächlichen Bürger zunächst shockieren mag."

If I had to transelate this sentence, I'd say: "with this man as Führer something must become out of the movement, despite so many, that will like to shock - at first - the complacent citizen." This is clearly too awkward to be correct.

Can anyone breakdown the sentence for me?

Thank you!

December 20, 2017



"With this man as leader, the movement must become something in spite of many things that may at first shock the unhurried/easygoing citizen."


With this man as a leader, the movement must become something, despite some things that might shock the complacent citizen at first."


The second part of your translation seems a bit odd to me:

".. despite some points which may shock the easygoing/leisurely/unhurried citizen at first sight."

Gemächlich is hard to translate, nothing really fits. It describes a person who is not very active and slow to react, who likes the comfort of his home and does not seek conflict.

Außerdem heißt es auf Deutsch "schockieren".


My translation (with 51 % fluent in German) would be: "With this man as a leader, the movement will also become something, although a lot will also shock the complacent citizen".

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