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"Vloni jsme jely do Polska a na Slovensko."

Translation:Last year we went to Poland and Slovakia.

December 20, 2017



Why is it "do" for Poland but "na" for Slovakia? Could one say "do Polska a do Slovensko" or "na Polska a na Slovensko"?


No particular reason. Compare to French travel Aux Etas-Unis vs. en France.

Typically we say NA when we are talking about islands or at least peninsulas. Florida, Havaj, Island, Yucatan, Nový Zéland, Bali. But DO Anglie, Irska, Gronska.... Why Czech picked Slovakia to treat as an island? Mystery. Well, at least to me. But as you see above, the "island" rule does not really work too well. We treat Ukraine the same, though you could use both DO and NA with that one.


I confess I can't remember ever using or hearing someone use do Ukrajiny, it sounds sooo wrong. Maybe it's a Moravian thing? :)


Maybe Czechs think of Slovakia as an island because Shakespeare talked about "the seacoast of Bohemia." :)


How could I know it's "jely" and not "jeli"?


In this case there is no way to tell. "Jeli" should be a correct answer as well - my two cents :)


I disabled the audio exercise.

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