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Why is a preposition in this sentence needed?

So here's the sentence that I found in my textbook: Du musst noch beim Reisebüro anrufen. Why is that "bei" needed? Can't I say Du musst noch DEM Reisebüro anrufen? If the latter is correct, too, what is the difference?

December 20, 2017



Not "dem Reisebüro", but "Du musst noch das Reisebüro anrufen" (accusative); but then it's correct, too.

(to call [by phone] = anrufen + accusative; vs. bei + dative)

When you use "bei", it sounds a bit more personal, i.e., more like "I call [a person] at the travel agency", not just "the travel agency".

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bbea21 - You've been studying too much German; now your English (Why is a preposition in this sentence needed?) sounds like German. ;-)


What would be the correct word order then? :D


"Why is a preposition needed in this sentence?"

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