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Your favourite language resources outside of duolingo

What are your favorite language learning resources outside of duolingo?

I current using clozemaster, memrise, pimsluer, mosalingua and mondly to learn Brazilian Portuguese but I would like to find more language resources.

If you know of any other sites or apps, please comment below.

December 20, 2017



Memrise, 50languages (for radio)


I have 50 languages app but I can't get into it. I find it doesn't motivate me to me learn at all.


Anki - flashcards, Bliu Bliu, LingoZing, Mango Languages


Never heard of LingoZing before. Just went to the website and it seems like great way to practice reading and listening skills. I have one skill left to complete on the Portuguese tree and I think I will choose LingoZing next. Thanks for the recommendation!!!


I use Lang-8, Lingvist, Clozemaster, Lyricstraining, and Memrise for language learning. ^ ^

If you are a bit advanced in a language (meaning you know most if not all of the grammar rules and can maintain a conversation) and you want to enhance your vocabulary, Lingvist is a great site for that. Lang-8 is great for strengthening your writing skills, but I heard that site is no longer taking new users. Lyricstraining is great for enhancing your listening comprehension.


lyrics training is good but's too fast for me. I might try it when I am more advanced. I've tried to get on to lang-8 but like you said, they don't take sign-ups now. I wished I had known about before it got popular.


Innovative 101! VERY underrated. I can't believe I found it myself and no one recommended it to me, it's awesome and VERY useful for learning languages. It's not just for beginners too, they have lessons for Advanced and intermediate learners. 11/10 recommend.


Great!!! seems like something I'm looking for and long-term subscription plan seems to be great value for money. I might use this next.


At the moment I prefer listening podcasts or audiobooks (radio garden, se habla espanol, teacherjose.com and etc. For Spanish learners I recommend ivoox - there are lots of audiobooks and podcasts ). lang8 is good too.


Podcast are a great idea! I forgot about podcasts. I used to listen to them but I never remebered to continue. I think I will start listening to podcasts again. Thanks!!


I personally really like Language Transfer (Spanish, Greek, Swahili, German, French, Turkish, Arabic and Italian). It does a really good job at teaching you the structure of the language and it just really gets you speaking. Also, it is free!

The Michel Thomas method (French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese) is not free (however, google is a pretty powerful tool ;) and is similar to Language Transfer (the MT method inspired the Language Transfer approach) and like LT, it really teaches you the building blocks of the language and gets you speaking pretty much right away.

You can also find similar courses for Japanese, Icelandic and, wait for it: Finnish! I haven't found any other similar courses, but if anyone knows anyhting similar I would be delighted to know about it.

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