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Learning isn't Supposed to be Frustrating

This is becoming too frustrating. In most cases the translations are not good enough to get the right answer in english. When the questions become complicated even on the basics. The conjutation thing and verbs, plurals and grammar needs to be addressed and have an entire section to itself, otherwise it seems to me this is a waste of time. I don't feel like I am learning, only playing a guessing game at best.

June 30, 2012



In my opinion, this is the best free online French course. As yet it is beta, it will be improved.

Also people are helping too...


It's an experiment, this is the first program (to my knowledge) that tries to teach in this way, and it may not work for everyone. We (well, they) don't know yet.

French is also at the beta stage, which is why the bad translations are still in there. Perhaps wait a couple of months until it's out of beta and you might find it less frustrating?


As others mention, it's in beta. By finding the frustrating translations and submitting corrections it should hopefully become less so. Also, bear in mind the goal is to learn the language, not to get points (ok, maybe both...), so even if it gives a strange answer, as long as you can independently verify it you're still achieving that goal.


I often end up submitting corrections and even complaints on a daily basis, whenever I do a lesson. But I also cut the system some slack because, as the others say, it is only in beta, and it is free, and it is also an experiment. I don't mind helping out.

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