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I don't understand the rules to get to the test!

It says use this duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"] Then it says to go to the discussion forum and click F12 button. Could you explain to me those steps please. I would really appreciate it! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23338416$comment_id=23421798

December 20, 2017



What browser are you using?

F12 = browser console

The right sequence steps are:

1) Discussion forum: https://www.duolingo.com/discussion
2) F12: Brings up web console
3) Enter duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]
4) After the Array [ "^.+" ] succcess message you click on "Home" in the blue top menu (Menüleiste)
5) Click on the "lingot store" link (icon) in your "Home" page; it is right at the top right besides your tree
6) The "Progress Quiz" will appear on the https://www.duolingo.com/show_store page.

Never ever try to access any pages (like the lingot store) with the direct URLs or from any (direct) menus, without those above. Following the above instructions 100% prevent a full "home and lingot store" page refresh. This would eliminate step 3).


Can you get it on 5afari or Chrome


You can definitely get it on Chrome, but I am not sure about Safari.


Your directions are in the wrong order :)

1: Go to the discussion forum.

2: Go to the browser console (pressing F12 takes you there)

3: Enter the highlighted code into the console: duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"];

4: Press enter.

5: Press the "home" button

6: Press the lingot store button at the top right corner of the tree (note: DO NOT GO TO THE LINGOT STORE BY PRESSING THE LINGOT OR IT WILL NOT WORK.)

7: Buy the test

8: Test your progress!


The site has been re-written since Lica98 wrote that comment. Those instructions don't work any more - the quiz is gone for good.


No, it's not. I took the Japanese progress quiz two weeks ago by using the code.


Still works for me.

Hugh are probably confusing it with something else.

The above instructions are well written for the new Scala web portal, where old Python services are still there and old functionality is currently (luckily) just hidden.

Even old Python user script are working if you use the workaround.

It will probably change with a complete update of a totally new discussion forum, as you can not activate the whitelist anymore and you can not switch back to the home or lingot pages :(

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