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5,000 XP This Week - Challenge

Hello, Duolingo! I would like to challenge you all to break 5,000 XP this week! As I am saying this right now, I have earned 1,287 XP this week, and I am hoping to hit 5,000 by tomorrow! I hope you all join with me! Thank you!

December 20, 2017



5,000 is a very high goal. I follow loads of really keen people on Duo, and rarely see anyone go over 4,000 in a week. If any of you do succeed, please make a post, so we can hear about it


Last I checked I was in second place for one of the monthly EXP contests I'm in... so why not, I'm in! Hopefully this'll help bump me up to first place. ;)

Currently at: 4115 EXP (as of... Saturday)


I'm currently at 1730 XP this week, and it's only Wednesday. I think I can do it!

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