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French Stories Tiny Cards

Since French stories include vocabulary that may not be included in the French course, I have started to prepare Tiny Cards to help you memorize the new words and phrases.


The first decks are devoted to "Au camping" and "Garde d'oiseau à domicile" French Stories.

I expect to offer new decks so that each Story has its own.

Please let me know how you like these!

"Au camping" - French Story 1: https://tiny.cards/decks/d9c30b04-fe1f-4375-b695-dec2ec2603b8

"Garde d'oiseau à domicile" - French Story 2: https://tiny.cards/decks/a291b9b4-5caf-4522-a61d-b9a7ea4e4b12


"Chambre à Louer" - French Story 3: https://tiny.cards/decks/c384d086-0e6c-45c1-a7f2-840ebd84c475

"Le sac en papier" - French Story 4: https://tiny.cards/decks/de8d4e75-851b-4aac-a612-787ba80d39e1

"La boîte secrète" - French Story 5: https://tiny.cards/decks/b9d8702f-a910-4b17-997e-f8c26771bc9a

"Suis les flèches" - French Story 6: https://tiny.cards/decks/e2d9e6b9-f428-4408-beeb-2e4678e54d1b

"Pain au chocolat du matin" - French Story 7: https://tiny.cards/decks/4acd821b-53d9-40d1-b8d7-c023202082e4

"Il faut qu'on parle" - French Story 8: https://tiny.cards/decks/ff85f90d-842b-4293-b750-a23fd72dacf2

"Il est trois heures du matin" - French Story 9: https://tiny.cards/decks/8c00012f-3f59-4de8-8bbe-f04552e2b843

"Retourne-toi" - French Story 10: https://tiny.cards/decks/f9dc4cd1-619e-41b5-a80a-31b95a821f70

December 20, 2017



This is a great idea!

Perhaps they (Duolingo) will consider generating this automatically (from the Stories data) for any words/phrases not in the tree. [For all languages/stories] It just seems like something that could be scripted.

Edit: Wow - another eight decks! Thanks!


It really has to be scripted. It's easy to do as opposed to Sitesurf manually creating the cards. Another thing that has to be programmed is the different spellings such as the British one mentioned in a comment below. I don't know how Duolingo is implemented but these things cannot be difficult to fix.


In the French course, we have added British spelling and British idioms or turns of phrases and specific vocabulary for every sentence. This cannot be done with TinyCards since they are binary (one word or phrase per side).


Thanks for the answer, Sitesurf (and thanks for the cards, of course). I'm speaking from the IT point of view. By no means am I trying to somehow force you to magically make them nonbinary. That said, whoever writes the code for tinycards.duolingo.com, in my opinion, can add spelling options without much trouble.


Good to know, thanks. I'll try to escalate this to "whoever".


it is awesome...thanks for this !!! needed it badly...


Thank you for your thoughtfulness. EDIT: I just tried the bird one and found it very useful and well done.


That is wonderful, I've thought about it myself. Thanks.


Merci Sitesurf, très utile ! One small problem - it is rejecting British (and Aussie) spelling such as "favourite". I get it wrong every time as it is a habit I can't break.


Very unfortunately, I had to make a choice because TinyCards do not allow for alternative translations (spelling, synonyms). You will also have to memorize whether the card said "tu" or "vous", "ils" or "elles", or "amis" or "amies" because the only correct answer is the one showing on the other side of the card.


Merci ! I'll keep that in mind and adapt.


merci beaucoup Sitesurf, vous êtes très awesome!!!!


Thank you so much, so happy to see new french content.
Thanks also for the french stories!


very smart,I never thought of that,thanks.

[deactivated user]

    Where can i find French stories?


    French stories can be found under the "labs" tab in the "stories" section.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks. These will be fun


      Merci beaucoup Sitesurf !

      And I see your ever faithful friend the conjunction... "the new words and phrases" because hopefully we're memorising both!


      Bonjour, Existe-t-il l'équivalent en anglais ? Merci


      Vous pouvez parfaitement utiliser ces cartes mais les histoires sont en français.


      Merci, mais en fait, je ne parlais pas des cartes, mais des petites histoires en français que j'ai vues quelque part (avec par exemple un mot entendu qu'il faut écrire) ... je voulais savoir s'il existait le même genre d'histoire en anglais, mais visiblement, non. Dommage !

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      I hope Duo team will create a link to the stories from the language trees to encourage access to the stories.


      I love tiny cards! they help me a lot!


      Wonderful idea! Thank you.


      Thanks, very handy!


      Merci beaucoup! I did one story without the cards and then one after using your flash cards. It was much better!!!


      You might want to do it the other way around because once you have the context of the story fresh in your memory, the Tiny Cards will help you to memorize the suitable translations.


      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a try.


      Thank you so much. The Tiny Cards will be so useful. Like others I would hope the Duolingo team can do this automatically to save you spending hours preparing the cards.

      Tiny Cards in the other languages would be useful. Have any been prepared to your knowledge please?.

      By the way I see from a second account I use that the French story order has been changed - very odd.

      PS I really like the accompanying pictures


      While we spend hours, others don't spend their money. ;-)


      Really liking the new french stories, so many words I’ve never come across before. One thing you used to be able to revise using tiny cards but this now seemed to have stopped after the first few stories. I now take screen shots of the last page where the multiple choices pop up. Well done duolingo every day in every way.

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