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Level 25 Languages???

Hello, I saw a few people's account on Duolingo and I was wondering, how do people reach level 25 on all these languages!?! I tested out of many languages, and yet, I still get only to level 9-12. Maybe reverse tree? I don't know, but could someone tell me how people do this? I may or may not consider it, depending on what you have to do.

December 20, 2017



Redoing skills to get the material to sink in or to practice, using timed practice as a "test" for skills I'm comfortable with. I'm at level 24 in Welsh and still quite a way away from finishing my tree. :)

"I tested out of many languages, and yet, I still get only to level 9-12. " That's your problem! Of course you won't get much EXP just by completing a tree - either by running through it or testing out. You need to practice, practice, practice!


I do exactly the same! I have earned more than 40.000xp in German for English speakers while I'm still 31 skills away from finishing the tree. I also do it to let the lessons sink in, I don't want to lose all the work I did by letting it all fade into oblivion.


That sounds less like practice and more like grinding.


The keyword is "comfortable".

The moment it becomes grinding is the signaling point to move on.


It takes 30,000 XP to get to level 25 (source: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Xp)

That is 3,000 normal 10-point lessons.
About 8 lessons a day for a year.
Or about 4 "timed practice" a day for a year IF you get everything correct.

When I have time I will do:
Five review lessons (strengthen skills lessons) first.
Then I do one new lesson several times.
That's my typical Duo-day when I have time for it. This gives me 70-100 XP per day. If my schedule allowed me to do this consistently, level 25 in a year is quite reasonable.


They work VERY hard, and it takes a long time! A VERY long time!


What are some things that they do to accomplish there. Could you list some examples that could help me?


XP does not indicate facility, just time spent on lessons, although there is some correlation. Theoretically you could practice only the first skill over and over again and get to level 25. If you have learned the lessons it doesn’t matter if you are level 12 or 25.


Yes levels is only the amount of xp gained through time spent practicing. Nothing more.


Strengthening skills and earning XP. Other ways Stories in the lab tab has French and German stories added to the Spanish and Portuguese stories already there to earn XP. If you have the app there are also bots for these 4 languages to add XP. You can also earn extra XP with timed practices that you are able to finish quickly and well. The Reverse tree does not add to XP in another tree so it is useful depending on your learning style.


Oh my!!! I love you! I didn't know they had added the German stories xD


Haha I just realized that too by reading now :D That's awesome!


I've never tested out of a language and didn't realize the level would be so low. My guess is that they make a serious effort to learn the language. I am on level 22 in French and still do not feel like I have mastered the tree.


Just practicing skills all the time, redoing and strengthening them.


You have to practice, it's as simple as that.


It has taken me a year on and off. You have to practice your tree regularly. Levels is only the amount of experience points (practice done).

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I don't know about all the languages but English to Spanish and Spanish to English you need 30,000 xp to level 25. I got to level 25 without immersion. How fast you get to 30,000 xp depends on how often and how much you practice. Do the math, for example 50 xp/day, it will take 600 days. Buena suerte!

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