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"František a Kateřina mají rádi svá jména."

Translation:František and Kateřina like their names.

December 20, 2017



They might like their names, but I don't. It takes like an eternity to write "František" and "Kateřina" on my phone, these are like the longest names in the Czech language...come on, couldn't they be called like "Adam" & "Eva" or something...:D:D:D


in reality they would likely call themselves Fanda and Káťa or Katka.


They're bound to like their names, since those are the only names available in Czechia (judging solely by my experience here)


Well, having to learn a bunch of additional personal names would probably make you complain about ''overload of secondary information"


I think the accurate answer should be "František and Kateřina like their own names". If I understand correctly, svá represents their own. Otherwise, it will be confused that František and Kateřina like other people's (eg Tomas and Olga's ) names. Please correct me if I am wrong.


That's unnecessary. svá/jejich=their, svá vlastní/jejich vlastní = their own.

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