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J'appelle pas vs. je n'appelle pas

J'appelle pas and je n'appelle pas, which one is more formal? and which one is used in conversations?

Merci beaucoup :)

December 20, 2017


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Just using the "pas" is more colloquial. In formal conversations, you always use "ne...pas"

[deactivated user]

    Not quite, I mean in a work interview you don't pay attention to the use of "ne". In fact, nobody pays attention to this useless particule.


    Mind you, to be or not to be a "ne" user will categorise you pretty quickly into educated or not educated. I agree with you that in everyday language it will get a pass, even be repressed by some young people who want to be part of the it-crowd. French learners will also get away easily without using it. But as a Frenchman I can tell you I do hear it each and every time when it is not used and there is no way my kids will not use it in my presence. I am afraid also that in written language you absolutely need to use it properly.

    [deactivated user]

      If the employer is stupid enough to categorise people according to the choice of the words, then he is clearly an idiot. I'm sorry but French is a living language, a language that evolves in time, that simplifies the grammar, that complexifies the grammar, a language where phonems are dropped and some are added, a syntax that evoluates... Unfortunately, in France, we're too dumb to understand this simple linguistic rule. We want to be like our ancestors, the good old nostalgia that only brings the worst. This is why we are so dogmatic about changing spelling rules to adapt it to the modern use, for instance. This is also why we are so obsessed with diglossia in a way. And I want to finish with the "ne" particule : it will disappear, it's sure, by the way the Jespersen Cycle was clearly useless. No matter what we do a language changes and in general, languages that are stuck in the time are more likely to disappear.

      [deactivated user]

        "Je n'appelle pas" is the """correct""" way to write "I do not call". And "j'appelle pas" is the common way of saying "I do not call". We often drop the "ne" because it isn't needed to understand the negative aspect of the sentence.


        Je n'appelle pas est mieux, plus classe !

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