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Korean audiobooks written in Hangeul?

I'm having a really difficult time aurally understanding Hangeul. I would like to have something I could read, while listening to how the words are pronounced. Is there anything like that available? All I have is my music collection, but of course, the words wouldn't be spoken, they would be sung. I'm looking for anything, an audiobook with a written companion, a Youtube series spoken in Korean with Hangeul subtitles instead of English... Anything. I'll even use children's resources, it doesn't matter to me. I want this so that I can get at least some immersion. Just listening to Korean doesn't help with understanding Hangeul if it's not sitting in front of you. And trying to read Hangeul alone without being able to hear what you're reading doesn't help either.

I've gone through the Alphabets 1,2, and 3 lessons, several times now, and still go through them, along with practicing. I'm trying to work through Basics 2, but I haven't absorbed enough of the alphabet to benefit much from it.

All help is very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

December 20, 2017



If you're interested in TV shows, viki.com introduced a thing a while back called Learn Mode, where shows that have available subtitles in both Korean and English can be set to show both Korean and English subtitles at the same time, and you can click on the Hangul to see definitions of particular words. (Or if you're not interested in Learn Mode, you can of course just put up the Korean subtitles by themselves.)


There's an app that provides Korean books with audio. It's called BEELINGUAPP (WEBSITE: https://www.beelinguapp.com/). You should check it out! It has options for slow audio, English and Korean double screen reading and switch between English and Korean audio. It's super helpful! Other than that, try watching K-dramas or K-YouTubers! Especially shows like ssin 씬님 that have eng subs to help you! Another tip is watching clam kdrama's like Father is strange where most people are talking at a slow or normal pace where you can keep up!


go to ondemandkorea.com. You can watch all sorts for Korean shows. Some have Korean subtitles. You may have to do some digging.


Talk To Me In Korean has Korean subtitles on their videos on Youtube. They have playlists for example for slow Korean https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbId6d40sjCFVP1s2_fCMF6jjavtXlCnf and they have normally spoken story time videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbId6d40sjCEusa-uOv1OidqDg-vIWpq1. All the story times don't have English subs but I went through some of them every video I checked had Korean subs. All the slow spoken videos have both.

There is a website called Forvo where natives can upload audio recordings of words. If you have a word you're not sure about you can search it (write in hangul, basic forms are easier to find than conjugated) and there might be recordings of it.

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