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"We give twenty bananas to the strangers."

Translation:Noi dăm douăzeci de banane străinelor.

December 20, 2017



I translated with this "Noi le dam douazeci de banane strainilor" but has not been accepted. Is it wrong? since it is a dative case i thought that the form 'le dam' was correct


Diacritics aside, it should be accepted. Go ahead and report it.


I had exactly the same

  • le dăm străinilor douăzeci de banane

  • le dăm douăzeci de banane străinilor

Both aren't accepted... are these both wrong?


They are correct.


i have the same question. why without "le"?


How do you distinguish genitive from dative? In this sentence, it's easy because the genitive would require the possessive article "ale". But what about a sentence like "Noi le dăm balonul copiilor". Is it "We give them the children's balloon" or "We give the balloon to the children"? Is changing the word order the only way to distinguish them?


In your example, it can be both, so you need some context to know for sure. Here's some more explanations:

1) Noi le dăm balonul copiilor.
This can mean either "We give them the children's balloon" or "We give the balloon to the children", but the le thingy hints that it's more likely the former.

2) Noi dăm balonul copiilor.
This can mean either "We give the children's balloon" (as in, to someone) or "We give the balloon to the children", but it's more likely the latter.

3) Noi (le) dăm copiilor balonul.
It clearly means "We give the balloon to the children". The le thingy doesn't make any difference.


Thanks. I thought it was so, but I needed a confirmation. It can be as ambiguous as "I'm giving Maria the doll". Am I giving the doll to Maria? Or is Maria the name of the doll I'm giving?


cine traduce aici nu cred ca stie deloc limba Romana. "Le dam douazeci de banane strainelor." Este foarte corect?????????????


Noi dăm douăzeci de banane străinelor din Africa XD

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