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Thank you Duo for French stories

I read my first story in French. I began with great trepidation and saw that I really understood a lot and enjoyed it. Great way to learn.

December 20, 2017



That is a fact.French stories are managed in a very nice voice quality and in awesome interactive way.I hope duolingo manufacture a peculiar tree to be golden - all from french stories !


I agree. The voice quality is great. It is fast though, which I think can be helpful but is a hell of a challenge for me.


I enjoyed doing them so much, I lost count of time. Thank you.


C'est vrai, ce sont très amusants.

They're fairly enjoyable imo, not only the voice quality is well carried out but the twist of some stories is pretty fun.

. I bet I'm not the only one reading them all as soon as I noticed them.


Where do I find French stories?

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On Labs menu.


Labs —> Stories —> French


Les histoires sont amusants mais il y a quelques instances où le texte et l'audio ne correspondent pas.

Dans Rendez-vous mystère le texte dit "prénom" mais la voix lit "nom".


I love the French stories! What will I do when I have heard them all? We need more, more, more, please.


Perhaps repeat them. So many new words. So fun and so well designed!!!!

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