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  5. "我的妈妈想买一些东西。"


Translation:My mother would like to buy a few things.

December 20, 2017



"my mother wants to buy something"


What is wrong with:

"My mother wants to go shopping"

In other questions 想买一些东西 can mean shopping.

There is one example of 我们 想买一些东西

And the answer is: "we want to go shopping"


Duolingo has used 'want' and 'would like' interchangeably for 想 until now when all of a sudden 'want' is incorrect. Go figure


This whole segment needs to be worked on. "A few" "some" etc. are causing problems here.


Why not "My mom wants to buy something"?


Using 些 shows that there are multiple.

一些: these 一个: this


I'm not sure, but my guess is using 东西 which means things or stuff implies that you need to put a quantifier there, like some stuff or a few things.


Yi xie is redundant. "Wo de mama xiang mai dong xi" is a legitimate sentence. In fact, to me, adding yi xie is wierd.


I understood 想 to also mean "intend."


Why is this wrong? My mother wants to buy somethings.


"Something" is one word, but "some things" are always two separate words.


I literally wrote "My mom wants to buy things" IS THAT NOT BASICALLY WHAT IT IS


That is what I wrote too! oof


What is wrong with "would like to buy a few items"? Is there an absolute difference between things and items, and if so how would you say items in Chinese other than 东西?


I have the same problem. The word choices don't seem to reflect the natural way of speaking English. Duolingo needs to work on this segment!


"My mother wants to buy a few things" is also correct, I suppose


To buy few things is correct, not to buy A few things


Not sure I agree with that. "To buy few things" in English emphasises that she really doesn't want to buy many things. Maybe when the speaker's mother is some kind of campaigner against consumerism, so she wants to seriously limit her purchases. "To buy a few things" just says she's going to do a bit of shopping; it really doesn't give any indication of how many or how few things she will get. (At least this is how it works in British English.) In 99% of contexts, "a few things" sounds much more natural.


What about "My mother is thinking of buying some things."? When someone is thinking of buying something, doesn't that show they would also like to buy it? Also, doesn't 想 mean think?


1, because "thinking of buying" means she might buy something (but doesn't say if she wants to or not) and "would like to buy" means she definitely wants to buy (but doesn't say if she is going to or not) - they mean different things. 2, Duolingo sucks


Can change it to "my mom wants to buy something?" Because for me some things is not a correct word.


Not really. 一些 indicates she wants to buy several things rather than a single thing, so to express that in English we have to use some things.

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