"We give you a cup of tea."

Translation:Vouă vă dăm o ceașcă de ceai.

December 20, 2017

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would "îți dăm ție o ceașcă de ceai" be acceptable?


Yes, it should be.


"Noi vouă vă dăm o ceasco de ceai" was marked wrong. Is it really wrong?


Why is Vouă dăm vă wrong?


To start with, "vouă vă dăm o ceașcă de ceai" is some odd word order. The only context I can think of would be answering the question "Cui dați o ceașcă de ceai?" The normal answer would be simply "vouă". Adding the rest of the sentence "vă dăm o ceașcă de ceai" sounds kindergarten-like, while the concept of a group of people giving one single cup of tea to another group of people tops it all.

A more normal order is "vă dăm (vouă) o ceașcă de ceai". The repetition of the pronoun by using "vouă", although uncommon, is acceptable if you want to emphasize the recipient.

"Vouă dăm vă" is really wrong, something like "give you we".

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