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Update for another tree?

Dutch tree is just updated and now has more skills for learning and practicing.Does anybody know is it planned for other languages? German tree is pretty good,but maybe spanish or russian or any other language?

December 20, 2017



Welsh got a tree update.


Yes it did!!! My question is, does this mean I have to do the entire tree all over again to get to the point I was at before the update?


Spanish will soon be alpha testing an update.

See stickied post for more info.


Amazing news :)


Do you know which post? I can't find a stickied one about the Spanish Alpha course.


I think Dutch tree was updated a while ago?

[deactivated user]

    No, I login everyday and it only updated yesterday


    I have been here for years. Unless I am mistaken the learning French for English speakers hasn't been updated in over 2 years, possibly 3 years.

    A request for an additional checkpoint was made since it is useful to some people, and makes and a nice visual separation. I think there are 36 skills after the last checkpoint before the tree in finished.

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