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Thank you very much, Duo, for the Duolingo Stories!

I was very excited when I saw that Stories are now for French learners, too; and when I started the first one, I definitely enjoyed the fact that creators used humour and irony to teach French. I believe the Stories will help me learn French so much better. Thanks again.

December 20, 2017



I did the first one today and loved it. I'm looking forward to doing others later tonight. What a lovely way to relax and learn at the same time.


thank you Duolingo - we really appreciate your hard work in providing us with French and German stories! ♥♥


Hi crew! Thank you for brining us the French stories. They catch me out with their twists and make me smile with their humour. I do find some of the speech a little fast, however I do understand that there is usually a reason for it being expressed in that way and hope that I will eventually be able to keep up. I'll continue to enjoy them though. Cheers!


Woow I'm exciting too now I wanna check one of them It's probably good thanks for told this


They are rather cool. When the feature rolls out officially (beyond labs), I'd be happy to pay a few lingots to unlock them. Especially for unlocking the second set.

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