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  5. "바둑은 무엇입니까?"

"바둑은 무엇입니까?"

Translation:What is baduk?

December 20, 2017



The old Asian board game Go. They shouldn't use the word baduk in English.


why we use the word "go" tho, it's not like it's originated in japan...


Sorry wintertriangles, baduk is the only name that a dummy like me recognized the game as. The term "Go" is new to me but I am one of those individuals who had to work in the fields and on a cattle ranch after classes, on weekends and during school breaks as a child and later as a stevedore and off-shore laborer, kennel boy, etc. working 6-7 days a week during college so I was never exposed to games for entertainment until my Uncle Sam sent me to Korea for a vacation.


An old asian board game, but they shouldn't call it Baduk lmao

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