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  5. "请帮我叫救护车。"


Translation:Please call an ambulance for me.

December 20, 2017



"please help me call for an ambulance"


"Please help me and call for an ambulance" could be an option


The sentence is a single request to call for an ambulance. It is not 2 separate requests/sentence to ask for help and call the ambulance. Your sentence would translate to "请帮我,帮我叫护车。"


"Please help me call for an ambulance."


"Please call an ambulance for me" is a correct translation, as 帮我叫救护车doesn't specifically mean that we will call together but that I may need you to call on my behalf.


Chinese sounds pretty vague when you put it like that. Is it so?


Just because 帮 means help doesn't mean a word for word translation is accurate. The request is for someone to call an ambulance on the speaker's behalf (thereby helping the speaker). So "please call an ambulance for me" is correct.


'...help me to call..' should be able to use the preposition 'to'


Can you call and please call do not make any difference... Duo is extremely pickish and does not know much English but only chinglish...


@Jacques - you forgot "Can you please call", "Can you kindly call", "Are you able to call", "Are you able to kindly call", "Can you summon", "Cam you kindly summon", "Is it possible for you to call", "Is it posdible for you to kindly call", "If you can call", "I'll be grateful if you can call",... and seventeen dozen other possibilities. Maybe you need some more time to get over your Chinglish. :-)


please help me calling an ambulance...should be accepted... literal translation


If someone can say they need an ambulance generally you are fine

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