"What is the color of your new door?"

Translation:Jaká je barva vašich nových dveří?

December 20, 2017



I think there is something wrong here.

The question is "What is the color of your new door?" but the answer "Jaká je barva tvé nové dvere?" is marked as wrong, suggesting "Jaké jsou barvy tvé nové dvere?" which however would correspond to "what are the colors [plural] of your new door?".

But it gets even more complicated, because when opening the discussion it says that the meaning is "Jaká je barva vašich nových dveří?", which would correspond to "What is the color of your new doors [plural]".

Quite a mess with this question imho :)

December 20, 2017


The word "dveře" is always plural (same as "pants" in English for example). Don't ask why, it's just how the language evolved I guess. That's why the correct answer is "Jaká je barva vašich nových dveří?" meaning "What is the colour your new door?". It could also mean "What is the colour your new doors (plural)?" because in Czech you cannot tell if the person asks about just one or multiple doors. If there were more doors with different colours you would say "JakÉ JSOU barvY vašich nových dveří?". If you are confused about the plural and singular try to replace "door" with "pants" and then it becomes clearer what these senteces can mean :-).

Now, I don't know if there was a bug or something that it showed you those other options like "Jaká je barva tvé nové dveře?" etc. but this is definitely wrong.

December 21, 2017


You are confused about the cases. "Tvé nové dveře" can be nominative or accusative, but not genitive. So "jaké jsou barvy tvé nové dveře?" could never mean "what are the colors [plural] of your new door", because if both "barvy" and "dveře" were in nominative, it would be a broken sentence comparable to "what are the colors your new door" in English (without "of").

Instead, "barvy" is genitive singular. You can say it several ways:

  • Jaké jsou barvy tvé nové dveře? (barva in genitive + dveře in nominative)
  • Jaká je barva tvých nových dveří. (barva in nominative + dveře in genitive)
  • Jakou barvu mají tvé nové dveře? (barva in accusative + dveře in nominative)
April 2, 2018


Jaká je ta barva vašich nových dveří. Já the "ta" really too much?

July 9, 2019


Is the...

July 9, 2019
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