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How many words does Duolingo teach?

I'm about 60% done with the Spanish lesson tree (44/65 lessons), and my word list is almost 2000 words long.

So, I'm wondering, how many words will I have learned by the time I "finish" my skill tree?

Does my word list have a limit (i.e., does Duolingo only teach X number of words), or will Duolingo constantly add new words after I finish the tree?

How many words does Duolingo teach?

December 20, 2017



I'm on level 25 and i've got 3014 spanish words so far. I still practice every day and now and then there is still new words turning up.


Jeg setter opp en Facebook-gruppe for nordmenn som vil snakke spansk.


I agree, words continue to show up for mine.

(Months ago) I didn't open up new lessons until I felt like I mastered previous bubbles and I noticed that my word count went up a few even though I hadn't opened any other bubbles.

(Update to now) I'm almost done with my Spanish Tree but will continue to work on the bubbles and I will expect more words will be added to my words list even though I have finished the Spanish tree.


It also is different from language to language. For German it's about 2400


I have finished my tree with 5,300 words in Spanish. I have roughly half of the stories left to complete, and I practice daily. I still have such a long way to go, as I've taken a fluency test and I'm at the B2 level. I'm very happy with the progress I've made in a little over a year in a half, from only knowing a handful of words and phrases to being able to hold a short conversation or listen to a story or the news in Spanish and piece together what's going on from context. Listening to a native speaker, comprehending what they've said, and formulating a response is still difficult, but getting easier.

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