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  5. "영어는 쉽지 않습니다."

"영어는 쉽지 않습니다."

Translation:English is not easy.

December 20, 2017



Using english to relearn your native language and a third language


I know how it feels


Absolutely true


Even if your mother tongue is English, English is still hard. Why is 4 credits for English compulsory for the OSSD? T-T


you should have been learning French as mother tongue in Switzerland. When you have to learn as child Ancien Greek, French; German, English and Italian at the same week. you will find English easy. It's extremely difficult to write in French accurately because it's not a phonetic language. It exists also spelling contests. Napoléon Bonaparte made in his time about 80 spelling mistakes !


I would say English was not that hard for me but that's probably because I am European, and even more French since the English language contains around 30% of French. So it makes it easier to memorize vocabulary etc. But for, for exemple, asian people, it must be harder since the pronounciation, grammar and vocabulary has nothing to do with most of them...


Not at all difficult for Indians because we do not speak hindi (native language), we speak a mixture of hindi and english and just butt in english words in any sentence.


As a native speaker, I can confirm. None of the rules are universal, the pronunciation has shifted dramatically since the last time spelling was standardized (like 400 years ago), half the vocabulary comes from a completely different language family. Even with over 20 years of practise I still screw up perfectly ordinary sentences.

Actually, I speak a North American dialect, so I use that weird r sound where you bunch up the middle of your tongue toward the back of your mouth. It takes some kids YEARS to learn how to do that properly. One of the most common sounds in our language, and some native speakers don't master it until they're in middle school. Awful hodgepodge mess of a language.


I'm a native speaker, and yes, the "r" we use is strange! One of the hardest words to pronouce IMO is "rural" because your tongue doesn't know what to do inside your mouth.


Sorry ...English is the easiest language!!!!!


I imagine English to be a hard language to learn for foreigners but that's just what I think... Any language is probably hard to learn for anyone trying to learn it as a second (or third or fourth or even maybe 30th!)


I really don't think english is such a hard language to learn. Sure, we'll make mistakes, but that's part of life. My native language is brazilian portuguese and, at school, I always thought that it was way harder.


The thing is that we make mistakes even in our own language, is quite normal tbh so making mistakes in another language is something to expect naturally


nah bro not at all


Learning English can be tricky for foreigners. Of course you'd think English is easy if it's your native language. But for someone learning it, it can be very difficult.


It depends on what your native language is. As a french person, I find it not that hard to learn since their is 30% or French in the English language. Must be easy for Dutch, Germans and Spanish too I guess...


Yep. I'm German and the hardest thing about English is definitely the pronunciation but even that is fine once you get the hang of it. The grammar is fairly easy imo


Is it because we dont have any words that have genders like your language that has masculine, feminine, and neuter lol no hate i just wanted to be funny if it fails it fails i'll take the L


As an Spanish speaker English was quite easy to learn it took me around 4 months only (conversational level) it can be harder for some Asian people due to the difference in sentences structure, for me the hard thing it was phrasal verbs, those were a lil tricky at first


English is, hands down, one of the easiest languages I've learned. Native speakers like to hear that their native language is hard, because it makes them feel smart. Nevertheless, a fact is a fact. English is not hard.


What? I'm here using english learning korean, and I'm not even a native english speaker :')


hahahaah same I learned English just to learn Korean since there are more resources in English for learning Korean


both of you have very good english :D


Same here. Hello there


Who keeps making these questions? they are hilarious and ridiculous :))) Of course English is easy compared to bloody Korean. I can't even pronounce agglutinative, for christ sake :)))


Knock, Xenogenesis, silent E's, other stuff that's easy to native English speakers but could be difficult to others


english is my second language and I must say it's true, but not as hard as I thought it would be.


I'd think trying to learn any language as a second or third wouldn't be easy.


I think any language is hard to learn. All the vocabulary and the tenses and the grammer rules tend to get messed up and scrambled in your head when it's not your first language so it can be confusing at times, especially when you already have more than one language in your head already. I think English is difficult even for native speakers. I'm like 95% fluent in English and i still make so kany mistakes with everyday words because while something like soeaking may be easy, the spelling rules don't always make any sense and because of that, i get confused and make mistakes, but its ok. That's how I learn. Anyone who learns a language because they want to amd not because it's something they have to do like for school or something should feel proud of themselves because it's hard but not impossible


English grammar is so easy


English is very easy comparing to French and Arabic


I'm not English. I'm Ghanaian, English is my second language and i definitely don't think it's difficult. But it might be for native koreans, because the structure of English is quite different from that of Korean


English is the language i speak and i still dont understand it as a 12 year old


Only 12 and learning a language... I really hope you don't give up! I support you!


i wont!!! thank you


No language is easy to learn, depending on your native language you can find some languages easier than others.


Perhaps English is easier to all of us because it is everywhere: movies, music, etc.


as a Spanish speaker I disagree on this since it took me around 4 months to learn English and pronunciacion wasn't that hard at all, maybe is just me but it was pretty easy to learn it


English is not my first language nor my second. French is my first but I never learned or wanted to learn english. it just came to me ever since I started going to school in america


This is such a lie


Much easier than Korean


English is by far easier than Korean


Proceed to type and talk in English


English grammar is pretty easy, the difficult part to me as a foreign was (and still is) the thousands of different words for one same thing or meaning, and the words that means a thousand things. And also the difference between will and going to lol


"Will" and "going to" mean the exact same thing.


I think the english grammar is really easy but what would be the hardest and would scare off foreigners would be the pronounciation.... It has NOTHING logical. One famous exemple being all the words in "-ough" that never get pronounced the same x)


..... I learned English by myself thanks to tv shows at 12 and I was fluent in less than 5 years meanwhile Korean ugh...


Jokes on you my native language is portuguese, i'm not fluent in english and i'm learning korean using english


I disagree. English is my second language. Now I'm using a second language, English to learn a third language, Korean.


I agree I'm studying English since birth but still don't have right grammar


lol English is so easy , I am Arabic and I speak it fluently .


Is it really? It always seemed easy to me but only because thats my main language


it doesnt follow its own rules a lot of the time, pronouncing new things is basically a guessing game, stuff like that


There are a lot of exceptions and odd sounds


Like the words in "-ough".......


one, knock, know, ate, cute, etc. etc. don't follow the rules uwu

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