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Summary / time statistics (total hours/days/weeks/ average...) possible feature

Hey guys,

I've seen that some of the other learning apps have an interesting feature, it's not something that would enhance language learning but I think that it would be cool to have.

The point is that there is a statistic where the user can see how much time has he spent doing the exercises. I thought it would make a lot of people really proud and fell better when they see how much time they have spent and also it's a good metrics, if we can't measure something we can't manage it. I am extremely grateful for all that Duolingo is doing, especially now (levels, stories etc). Any like minded people? ps sorry for the long post

December 20, 2017



I estimate time by assuming 30 seconds per XP (one standard lesson gives 10 points and takes 5 minutes, you could get a little ahead of time spent by doing timed practice really quickly but I ignore that).


I like that interpretation, so divide your XP by 2 to obtain the study tine in minutes.... like it.


I like statistics thus you have my support.


This metric is provided by the experience points (XP).

It is not easy to give this metric reliably as a time. How would it know you hadn’t paused your study mid exercise to go and have a coffee or a meal or just chatting with friends and family? Or any other reason for that matter.


The more statistics the better.

And when it comes to XP as a metric, Duolingo still falls short. I've been logging XP through a script but have forgotten to transfer the script o Chrome Canary, thus I do not know my XP gain for the period of november 27th to december 15th, and it's currently impossible to look back more than 7 days (insert unhappy emote here). Almost every single other day I still have my xp gain logged.

Edit: nvm, I actually added the script to Chrome Canary but hadn't "activated" it but seemingly Chrome Canary did it automatically (which basic Chrome didn't). Odd, but awesome, I've got my xp stats! xD (Logarithmic y-axis, blue is daily, red is biweekly average, dark orange is a 3 week average, light orange is a smoothened 3 week average, 0's are shown as 50)


I don't know, that's why I asked if others agree that it would be cool and to see if someone knows more about it (any ideas) :)

if their competition is doing it (fun easy learn___(insert language) why couldn't Duo? Thanks for the post :)


Linvgist gives total time spent. And if you're not actively entering words in it, it's not counting time. If an outfit with maybe 1/100 the users of Duolingo can manage it, I suspect Duolingo can.


I'd like that feature personally, so I could get a basic idea on how much time I spend on my French everyday and if it's too little. My goal is to do lessons for at least 10 hours a week, but I don't know if I'm actually achieving that, so that feature would be nice.


Hi Damien,

I like your idea, and added three screenshots above in answer to piguy3.

May I suggest to rephrase the subject name by editing your text to include "Summary / time statistics", "counting day/week/total minutes", etc.?

Nobody will ever find your thread again - even not with the help of search engines, if it only has the name "possible feature".

I also want to suggest to additionally submit this thread under Help / submit report so it gets a ticket id assigned (and hopefully be read by any DuoLingo staff).


Hello Thomas, I've been out of town, on a business trip for 2 days so I wasn't able to follow up on the discussion. Thank you very much for comments and additional ideas. I will use them and edit the thread now :) Have a great day :)


Thomas, I wasn't able to find the submit report option, so I posted on some other discussions and posted in my course (made a mistake on purpose and posted there). Could I bother you to submit the thread to help/ submit report (since I did't find it) ? Thank you in advance :) ps it the title better now or you had other idea ?


I'm learning the Dutch course, it has a bar graph that shows how many points you've earned each day; but I agree, some might enjoy something showing time.

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