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Questions ever answered in discuss section?

I've noticed that in the discuss section that the only questions answered are those posted more than a year ago. Does that mean that duolingo takes more than a year for questions to be answered or duolingo no longer answers questions? I am referring to the discussion section that is part of the lessons, not here. Thanks.

December 21, 2017



I answer questions there almost every day..


Edited to add: a community is only as good as its members (skill as well as engagement). I try to answer questions in “new” of my languages as well as the “discuss” sections of the skill training. I do at least 1-2 a day. Are you doing any to help your fellow learners? You might try to do what you can. The more of us who offer our knowledge, the better for all.

On the other hand, I refrain when I don’t know FA, so that’s useful too


So, do I and have seen a lot of threads with very active comments.


Duo doesn't answer questions (or at least, not that much that I know of). It's mainly other users and course contributors. It greatly depends on the course and the progress in the tree. For example, a question at the end of a small course will get less "exposure" so less chance of someone seeing it. And many of the people who may see it may not know the answer. I sometimes try to find questions which I can answer, but it's hard to find (all) unanswered questions with Duo's current forum/board structure/tools.

tl;dr... some questions do take longer yes =)


I noticed that too. I tried to participate in discussions about certain questions but it was all old news.


Only look at the new tab for discussions.

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