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Sport vs. Sports

I can't speak for British English, but in American English, we never call sports "sport," we always refer to it as "sports." For any American using Duolingo, they will always get the answers translating "le sport" as "sport" wrong, at least on the first or second (or third) pass.

March 17, 2013



In the Uk we usually use "sport" for the plural as well as singular.(like the word sheep). They should accept both as correct.


I don't agree. I'd say we can use singular and plural like most nouns, and also "sport" as a singular mass noun, depending on context. E.g. Rugby, tennis and golf are sports. Call of Duty is not a sport. I don't really play any sports and rarely watch sport on the telly.


I'm not just learning French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian here on Duo. I'm also learning how much English spoken in the United States differs from the English spoken elsewhere. Heck, I've even discovered that there are minor differences between people who live on the East Coast of the United States vs the West Coast of the United States, for example. I've also noticed that the older the person, no matter where they're from, they're more likely to be a prescriptivist, and the younger the person, the more they're apt to be a descriptivist.



Just to clarify - I agree with edythuk that both "sport" and "sports" should be accepted, I meant that I disagree with the assertion "we usually use 'sport' for the plural".


Yes, that's what I was meaning. It depends on the context. I would say "My dad watches a lot of sport on TV", but also "which sports are you interested in?"


Thank you for clarifying, but yes, I understood. I just found it interesting that someone from the U.K. would say, "I watch sport on the telly". I've heard "telly", but I wasn't aware that "sport" was used in the singular (for plural) this way.

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