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  5. "담임 선생님"

"담임 선생님"

Translation:Homeroom teacher

December 21, 2017



What on earth is a homeroom teacher? What's a homeroom???


Where are you from? In the US, students go to 6 classes a day in high school. One of these classes is their "home" class, and the classroom is their "homeroom." Usually we would get announcements from the school in this class. Then the teacher who teaches in the "homeroom" is the "homeroom teacher" !! :)


Not me. Didn't have a homeroom anymore after junior high. In high school, we only had four classes a day. A & B days which would alternate, so we would have the same subject every two days. Personally, I liked it you could get more in depth but it did make for some extremely long classes if you weren't interested in the subject.


There was no homeroom system in my high school either, even though we had 6 classes daily. Must vary by where you live.


When you go to school you go to homeroom which is like your first class you get which teachers you are going to get . i think its diffrent for other people buts thats what i do


In America, your first class of the day is your "home room" class. The teacher of that class is your "home room teacher". That's only for grades K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade); once you're in University, there is no "home room" anymore.


擔任 先生님


"Teacher in charge" or "Class teacher" is possible.


Got it. I have learnt an English expression thanks to you :)


Nobody say those things, in English, where I'm from lol

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