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  5. "달력은 매번 달라요."

"달력은 매번 달라요."

Translation:The calendar is different every time.

December 21, 2017



달曆은 每番 달라요.


Wow I had no idea that character was used for 번, thank you a lot. You just received a Lingot from me ;) (I hope this isn't a bot :*D)


here, take 6 lingot, idk why I just feel like it


As a non-native English speaker, I don't quite get the exact meaning of the word 'calendar' in this sentence. I was under the impression that its only use was to refer to a tabular representation of the dates of a year, but this sentence suggests otherwise. Can anyone enlighten me please? :-)


You are correct about the meaning of calendar. I am a native English speaker, but this sentence doesn't make much sense.


I think it's like the dates and days on the calendar are different every year?? But idk tho


I assumed it meant that the calendar looks different every time they look at it. And that they look at it once a month. So on the new month it looks different. But honestly, it doesn't really make sense and you shouldn't read into it too much.


Well, there are two meanings to "calendar" that I can think of. A physical object that notates days and months of the year, and the system of days, months and years.

The first being like a calendar people have on a wall, the latter being like the lunar calendar, or the mayan calendar.

For this sentence, it could be the object, and maybe whenever the speaker visits a location, the specific calendar on the wall is different every time, like a Garfield calendar last time, a puppy calendar this time.

Or it could be when the calendar system was first being developed, and it was going through several iterations, so that "calendar" is different every time.


달라 달라


매번 같은 인상들...

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