"The pharmacist is working at the pharmacy."

Translation:약사는 약국에서 일하고 있어요.

December 21, 2017

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Can I use "근무하고 있어요" ?


藥師는 藥局에서 일하고 있어요.


What is the difference between 일해 and 근무해?


일하다 : to work (In sense of working at ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and AS YOU WANT TO.)

일하다 can be used broadly to mean many things.

근무하다 : to work IN ONE'S WORKPLACE. (When you're sitting on your desk in the office, it's 근무하다.)


So if you're working in an office, it's 근무하다, but if you're working in a factory it would be 일하다?


Would 근무해요 be correct?


How would you say "The pharmacist has medicine at the pharmacy"? "약사는 약국에서 약을 있어요"?


I'm only learning still too, but I think because the act of possession is not an ongoing thing, you would use 약국'에' instead of '에서'

Or maybe another idea is that because in the English sentence you seem to be emphasizing the fact that the medicine is specifically possessed at the location of the pharmacy - you would use different particles for that reason to emphasize that also in the Korean? Like maybe somehow 약국은 as the topic

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