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  5. "그 년도에 음식이 많이 없었어요."

" 년도에 음식이 많이 없었어요."

Translation:There was not a lot of food that year.

December 21, 2017



그 년에 음식이 많지 않았다/음식이 안 많았다. or even better, 그 년에 음식이 적었다. 많이 implies a large degree of. 있다/없다 corresponds to the state of existence. Either something exists or doesn't exist. Nothing exists halfway, a little bit, or a lot. 많다 means "to be plentiful" and 적다 means the exact opposite. Note that I'm using the plain form, 해라체, but you can change the speech level to match the environment.


tsubbae, I am confused regarding the point that you are trying to make.


Same but i still took notes


그 年度에 飲食이 많이 없었어요.


Why cant it be 그 년도에 많이 음식이 없었어요 ?


It sounds more natural too put it infront of the verb since it is an adverb, but it does not REALLY matter since everyone will still understand.

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