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  5. "今天星期六。"


Translation:Today is Saturday.

December 21, 2017



I'm confused about when to use the verb 是 when talking about dates and days of the week. Can it pretty much be omitted?


"是 is nessecary when you have a sentence that is logically A=B, and A and B are both nouns ... it is not necessary when you have a noun followed by an adjective." http://chinesepod.com/community/conversations/post/12767

Here's another explanation from fluentu: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/chinese/2015/07/09/shi-chinese/


Thank you, Liralle. I've been trying to figure out when and when not to use "shi" for a long time. The second link you provided explains it particularly well. Much appreciated.


The second link gives excellent information, but it still does not turn Saturday into an adjective. At least not in English.


Why use Liu (6)... Are the days of the week numbered, instead of named???


why is Saturday the 6 day (as it seems implied by the sentence)?


I guess because in China they consider Monday the first day of the week, instead of Sunday. That then makes Saturday day six.


Where do they consider Sunday the first day of the week? I thought all Christian countries considered Sunday the Holy seventh day...


why is there 6 in the end

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