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"That boy was short in twenty seventeen."

Translation:저 남자아이는 이천십칠 년도에 키가 작았습니다.

December 21, 2017



Does it have to be 저? Why not 그?


In other exercises, Duo makes a big distinction between 그 = that, and 저 = that over there. So I chose 그 because it does not say that boy over there. Jan. 6, 2020 and again April 29, 2020.


Guess ain't nobody gonna tell us. :-(


저 男子아이는 二千十七 年度에 키가 작았습니다.


You can say '이천십칠년' instead of '이천십칠년도'


Worth noting:

2017 년 = in 2017

2017 년도 = in the year 2017


I was given "이천십칠 년도에 그 남자아이는 키가 작았습니다." as a multiple choice option that was marked incorrect, but I don't see why that word order would necessarily be wrong. Should this be a correct translation?


My impression is

이천십칠 년도에 그 남자아이는 키가 작았습니다 = In twenty seventeen, the boy was short.

(1) Emphasis is put on the year

(2) 그 [Noun] = The [Noun]

그 남자아이 = The boy (~ he/him, referring to some boy either present within arm length of both interlocutors or not in sight but known to both interlocutors).

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