"The car is dirty."

Translation:자동차가 더럽습니다.

December 21, 2017



自動車가 더럽습니다

January 28, 2018


I know that 가 is a subject marking particle and 차 means car, and I am fairly sure that 자동 means automatic, however, I was wondering if every time you say car you have to use 자동차? I understand using it when you want to point out that a car is an automatic, however in this sentence that isn't the case so I am a bit confused. Thanks :)

May 2, 2018


I think the major difference is how formal you want to sound. In a more formal setting, you'd probably use 자동차, while in a less formal conversation you'd be alright to use 차

July 3, 2018


I'm korean and I use both 자동차 and 차 without difference. But 차 is more used because it is short

September 30, 2018


Funny, the audio sounds more like 다랍습니다, which threw me off for a second ...

January 1, 2019
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