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Has Klingon Become Lost in Space?

The Klingon/English course was due out in September and has been 100% hatched for quite some time, but has still not been released in Beta. What has happened and when will it be released?

December 21, 2017



What has happened is that the way that Klingon uses the apostrophe clashed with the way Duolingo works. There was also another bug that stopped the alpha testers from completing testing, but that's now been fixed.

As far as I know there is no ETA, even though the course content itself is ready for beta release.


Being able to process more apostrophes more intelligently could have good carryover effects for other languages. It also acts as a letter in Ukrainian and Guarani. However, those languages have obviously long been out without this particular fix being in place, so I have to sort of think the Klingon team misfired in holding up the course just over this. As we all know, Duolingo doesn't tend to make fixes that require coding effort quickly.

There's also the capital letter issue, which as far as I know directly impacts only Klingon.


There's also the capital letter issue, which as far as I know directly impacts only Klingon.

It could have a carryover effect to German. While capital letters aren't per se different letters the capitalization of nouns (and formal pronouns) is important in German.


Yeah, German is why that "directly" is there ;) [although the issue also exists in English, come to think of it; e.g. "Thursday" vs. "jeudi" or "quinta-feira"]

But the decision not to care about orthographically-mandatory capitalization seems pretty baked in. Presumably the reason it's not considered isn't simply because it was easier to do the string matching with the case-insensitive switch on. And whatever that calculus is isn't changing simply b/c a Klingon course requires a different system.


okay, that made me chuckle...

They apparently have other issues that still haven't been sorted out (other than the apostrophe and not completing testing)...


Klingon entered the incubator back on April 9, 2015.

It's had several promoted release dates, one of the more recent ones was set to coincide with the last big-screen Star Trek movie. Obviously, that movie came and went long ago.

Finally, this year, they decided to shorten the course and cut a lot out of it so they could go ahead and finally get it out early.

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