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  5. "我这个星期每天要加班。"


Translation:I need to work overtime every day this week.

December 21, 2017



Call the workers' union! This will not stand!


"I've to" is very unnatural for most English speakers. It might be used by some older British people or in some regions of the UK. But most of us would say "I have to".

[deactivated user]

    "I've to call me Mum." Eastenders for certain. Loved that program.


    This is a longstanding Duolingo glitch. In order to be able to recognize the contraction when "have" is an auxiliary verb in a present perfect construction, it also allows it both when "have" is the main verb and when it's used as a modal.


    It has been changed to "I need to work overtime every day this week." now.


    'do overtime' should be an option - reported


    I got to ... should also be right, instead of I need to ...


    Not really. "I got to" means "I was able to", unless you pronounce it "I gotta", which is way too colloquial for Duo. "I've got to" would be the grammatical version, and should okay, but might not be on the list of accepted answers yet.

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