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I finished all the french stories

I just finished all the french stories. (Spoiler below about one of the stories. The story lines are simple and predictable, but just a warning just in case you care)

I liked them all, and look forward to sharing almost all of them with my kids (age 12 - 295 day streak, and age 13 with a streak of over 700 days)

I think, no, I know I would be more interested in redoing the stories if instead of turning completely gold they just had a gold ring and star. The pictures you click on to do them where very nice, bright, and colourful, and they just don’t look as tempting when they are all gold.

The only story I wasn’t very fond of was, “Il faut qu’on parle” because the joke was around the fact the husband misunderstood what his wife was hinting about and thought she 2was having an affair with her colleague. My kids will be doing these stories in the near future and I think that one will badly miss the mark with them.

If duolingo is still pushing classrooms, and stuff for non adults, I recommend they rethink that story line.

December 21, 2017



I have just read that story - it is fairly innocent.


Or not make ALL stories available to <18-21 years account holders and classrooms...


Congratulations .Good job.

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