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Duolingo research

Hi, I'm a student researching what fellow duolingo users think about social features on the app. If you could fill out my two minute survey, would greatly appreciate it!!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8DPYXKG

December 21, 2017



Just a note, Activity Feeds no longer exist. You should remove that unless you're trying target users who have used it before.


Good luck with your research!


I filled your survey out, I'll try to recommend it to my friends who use DL as well. Good luck!


You probably should add an additional option for feeds/activity:

  • Did you know "activity" from last year / old portal and your current questions like "did you use / enjoy it and how often"
  • Are you a new 2017 user and never heard about feeds/activity before


This survey has also been sent to people who have used the app in the past but stopped using--as such, I wanted to get their views on how they liked this feature when they used it in the past!

Thanks everyone who has filled out the survey--this has been really helpful!

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