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The new skill leveling and Japanese

[deactivated user]

    As many people probably know, Japanese is really hard to learn, and even harder to teach (especially online). However, I think this new skill leveling system would work great in remedying by introducing a concept early on in the the skill, like the copula です, and later on in the skill show how the word conjugates and works in different situations.

    This could work to show particles, adjectives, sentence structure, And even help teach kanji. Only problem is to make this happen, the skill tree would need to be majorly revamped.

    P.S. there is this guy named Tae Kim who has this whole Japanese grammar guide, and teaches in this same way. Only problem is his site is a blog, and he is unable to make an interactive learning experience, so you have to read it. If Duolingo reached out to him, and he was willing, he could probably greatly help in improving the course.

    P.P.S. I'm not saying the Duolingo Japanese course is bad in the post script above, it's actually done quite well. Just a few things they could polish up on before they leave Beta.

    December 21, 2017



    Japanese is in beta,, with a lot more development needed, so it may be a while before skill leveling is introduced to it.


    It would be cool to see them go deeper in grammar. I would also like them to finally introduce kanji into the harder skill sets. At least the N5 200.


    Actually, I’m fluent in Japanese and it’s pretty bad. Duolingo has many many errors in the Japanese module that will confuse new learners.

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