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A serious case of...

Why does Duolingo gives us "Trotz DER Elefanten sind sie gekommen" instead of Trotz DEN Elefanten sind sie gekommen"?

June 30, 2012


[deactivated user]

    "trotz der Elefanten" is correct. "trotz" takes the genitive.


    sometimes you can hear: "Trotz den Elefanten..." but it's not strictly correct as christian pointed out.


    Thank you all for the answers. And my reasoning is not so off the mark.


    It's a Genitiv preposition; some common examples are trotz (inspite of/despite), wegen (because of), (an)statt (instead of), während (during). All these prepositions take genitiv.


    I second what christian said. In this case, the dative sounds really awkward to me (although I live in the southern part of Germany where these dative constructions usually are used more frequently than in the rest of Germany). @margamanterola: You're right that sometimes also the dative is used with 'trotz' but that's more in constructions like 'trotz heftigem Regen' or 'trotz alledem'. If the object is used with an article it's virtually always better to stick to the genitive. See here for more information: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/trotz


    I disagree, as long as Duden says that trotz is accompanied by genitiv, it should stay that way. yes genitive will eventually disappear, but in the meantime we should learn the actual Hochdeutsch

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