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What is your routine? How many lessons a day? etc.

Do you go throw the tree once and not going back until you start it again - or do you do a few skills and on the weekend only strengthen old ones? How many courses /skills do you do a day?

December 21, 2017



As many as I can until I'm crosseyed. With German, which I started here with no prior knowledge of, it gets to about 5 to 10 lessons/workouts depending on:

  • how hard they are;
  • how tired/distracted I am;
  • how much time I can spare.

Normally I don't allow myself to take another new lesson until the old material settles well enough for me to make 3 web-based workouts in a row with no more than 2 wrong answers in each. If I fail that too much (and I often do), I switch to the app workouts, where tasks tend to be easier, and then go back to the web-based "exam" when I feel I'm ready.

In fact, 3 attempts in the morning, 3 during the day and 3 in the evening are not all that too tedious.


This mirrors my own preferences almost exactly.

IF I have time, I will do 5 reviews before tackling a new lesson. Then I repeat the new lesson 2 -3 times and I'm done for the day.

The next day I will do 5 reviews - maybe re-do the "new" lesson from the day before, or strengthen skills on a unit that is particularly hard for me, or maybe a general strengthen from the home page. Depending on how that goes, I might tackle a new lesson and do it 2-3 times.


I try to get 100 XP a day (I often fail.)


only today i got 100XP to be exact i have 178 XP


I've gotten over 1536 XP in the past day. Anything's possible if you really try :)


I do 3 for each language I'm learning on here. It's 2 skill-specific reviews, and one lesson. That adds up to about 600 XP per day. For the past week I have been able to (almost) reach this goal even with time constraints being placed on my technology use. ❤️


The amount of time I spend depends on how busy I am. I've recently had to finish up school with exams, so I haven't gotten too much time to Duolingo. However, my winter holidays just started, and during the past day or so I've done around 50 lessons. (not necessarily 50 different lessons, just me redoing lessons until I get all of them right instantly) A new day just started, so I'll try to do at least 50 today. (I'm hoping to get around 100!)

I'm not trying to finish the tree by going through the whole thing at once. I keep doing the same lessons over and over again until I learn every single word that's included in it. I also make sure to strengthen my old ones even if I already have the words down, not only to make sure I don't forget them but also because a fully golden tree looks nice and more "complete".

I would do way more than 50 lessons of Duolingo, but I spend the rest of my time doing more language courses on Memrise or watching shows in my target language. Duolingo's an awesome way to learn, but unless you mix it in with other methods such as other apps, practice, movies, etc., it won't work as well.


When i started i did at least 5 a day but now i sometimes only to 1 or 2 but other times to do much more

I want to complete to course as fast as possible because i think there is only so much you can learn on duolingo and by that point i can understand basic things

When i'm done with a tree i will take another one while i try to improve my previous language with other methods


As much as I feel like xD




Right now I'm focusing on getting better at German and Russian because I really need to get to the next level with both of these languages.

I finished both trees, so right now I'm working to keep the trees gold. After I get to level 25 with German, I'm going to focus on the reverse tree and on stories.

I try to get 40 points in each language everyday.

I usually copy the notes from one or two of the lessons once a week into notebooks, but I haven't been doing that because I moved and I still can't find my pens.


For an unfamiliar language I want to concentrate on, I'll do several hundred XP for every skill, probably each lesson twice and then mostly timed practice if I can manage it, an untimed practice or two if timed is too hard, but also b/c sometimes different sentences seem to show up there (so thankful for the coming introduction skill levels; that should make all this so much smoother I'm hoping). I simply find this to be what's necessary to get things to stick. It takes the number of days it takes.

For a familiar language, I do whatever :) And I like reverse trees.

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